earth school Foundations

This is your journey towards connection & harmony – earth school foundation provides insight, alignment, guidance and tools to connect to Self & find balance even in the face of challenge. It is about coming back to what is essential, authentic.

This journey allows you to connect energetically and physically to yourself and to the world you live in, find your path & do so in harmony with the tools that surround you. It is not about adding to your work load but rather enhance what you are already doing.

The videos will guide you to the where and how to go about this with yoga practices and meditations as well as worksheets and a live monthly gathering to provide community connection.

This is an ideal preparation for the Signature or complete programme that awaits you …..It provides the first building blocks for the elemental & energetic journey ahead

For every programme sold we make a donation to Tree Sisters

Course Information

Estimated Time: 6 hours

Difficulty: Earth Child

Discover the basic foundations of your energetic connections to nature and how to thrive and shine with her all from the comfort of your own home! A forest bathe without getting wet.

What to I get on this journey?

6 hours of training – 10 training videos – 2 guided meditations – A guided yoga practice – Integrated Workbook

Course Instructor

Charlotte Saint Jean Charlotte Saint Jean Author

Charlotte Saint Jean est une âme créative et s’appelle une entrepreneuse spirituelle. Une yogini passionnée qui a créé une série de cours holistiques en ligne et de formations d’enseignants, elle propose des coachings pour aligner plus votre vie avec l’appel de votre esprit pour que vous restiez dans votre souveraineté. Charlotte est une enseignante dynamique, amoureuse de la vie, de la nature et de la vie harmonieuse. Elle a aidé des centaines de femmes à trouver leur véritable essence et à briller à leur plein potentiel. Ses offres sont guidées par l’appel de son âme, son désir de nourrir vos talents individuels et uniques, car elle croit en vous et en votre parcours holistique vers la santé. Charlotte est la créatrice de YogaChezMoi, l’école de formation ShivaShakti, les programmes de développement personnel Earth School, le festival Women’s Spirit et auteur de 3 livres. Charlotte Saint Jean is a creative soul & called herself a Spiritual Entrepreneur. She is a yogi deeply comminuted to the holistic path of inner & outer balance & shine. She is a dynamic teacher, lover of life, of nature & of harmonious living. She has helped hundreds of women find their path & their light! briller à leur plein potentiel. Her offerings help to guide & nourish your unique talents. Charlotte is the creative spirit behind YogaChezMoi, ShivaShakti, Earth School, the Women’s Spirit & is the author of 3 books.

earth school Foundations


Earth School Foundations

This is a basic introduction towards earth schooling and authentic connected living. This short but rich journey will navigate through the Chakras, the notion of Prana or energy within us and the world we live in, how our bodies connect to the world around us physically and energetically and how the elements and nature can teach us way more than you think. This journey will show in simple form through practice, rituals and discussion how you can improve your immune system, your parasympathetic nervous system, your mental and physical health and your attitude towards life.  Join us to discover more.


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