Wild Wolf Wisdom

Holistic Wisdom & Alignment for the Wild Whispers in us all

This is journey to the land of your wisdom keepers, a journey towards spiritual and physical alignment to keep the magic alive & the body vibrant.  Listening to the wisdom keepers whispers & the wise words of the ancient wolf that speaks to you as you walk in the woods or journey (even if in your mind or dreams) to distant lands. 

Spiritual & physical alignment for women of all ages – to keep the ancestral wisdom alive & the magic within. Let our ancestors speak volumes to our soul. This is a journey to nourishing the sacred feminine through intention & tuning in, through observation & movement, through presence & wisdom.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 8 hours

Difficulty: Child of the Universe


What to expect from this course?

This is a journey of 5 parts to align with your inner wild voice, that of your ancestors & the ancient teachings of the land. It is a journey of resilience & the pillars of strength, wisdom & knowledge that will take you back to you.

You can expect to gain

Greater Clarity & Serenity for your personal alignment

Clearer vision for the direction to take moving forwards

Tools to truly help you deal with challenge, grief, trauma

A deeper connected to the wild aspect of your spirit & soul

You will receive a beautiful Mère Veilleuse (Goddess) Statue (made with love my Vanessa Bianci de Tandaime-Bien-être) to watch over & guide you along the path

5 Modules – Yoga – Meditation – Pathways of Reflection

Anchor – Accept – Align – Abundance – Arise

  • 54 lessons
  • 5 Yoga Practices & 6 guided meditations
  • Access to the private Facebook group
  • A copy of my book of poetry Resilience & a personal note to accompany your journey

Enjoy this free meditation below to dive into the Wild Wolf energy

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Course Instructor

Charlotte Saint Jean Charlotte Saint Jean Author

Charlotte Saint Jean est une âme créative et s’appelle une entrepreneuse spirituelle. Une yogini passionnée qui a créé une série de cours holistiques en ligne et de formations d’enseignants, elle propose des coachings pour aligner plus votre vie avec l’appel de votre esprit pour que vous restiez dans votre souveraineté. Charlotte est une enseignante dynamique, amoureuse de la vie, de la nature et de la vie harmonieuse. Elle a aidé des centaines de femmes à trouver leur véritable essence et à briller à leur plein potentiel. Ses offres sont guidées par l’appel de son âme, son désir de nourrir vos talents individuels et uniques, car elle croit en vous et en votre parcours holistique vers la santé. Charlotte est la créatrice de YogaChezMoi, l’école de formation ShivaShakti, les programmes de développement personnel Earth School, le festival Women’s Spirit et auteur de 3 livres. Charlotte Saint Jean is a creative soul & called herself a Spiritual Entrepreneur. She is a yogi deeply comminuted to the holistic path of inner & outer balance & shine. She is a dynamic teacher, lover of life, of nature & of harmonious living. She has helped hundreds of women find their path & their light! briller à leur plein potentiel. Her offerings help to guide & nourish your unique talents. Charlotte is the creative spirit behind YogaChezMoi, ShivaShakti, Earth School, the Women’s Spirit & is the author of 3 books.

Wild Wolf Wisdom

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Wild Wolf Wisdom

A journey in five steps towards your inner & outer resilience. Join us on this journey of Resilience & inner strength

Wild Wolf Wisdom – the circle is open

Resilience & Anchor …. the Kintsugi Bowls & the call of the trees

Acceptance & Nurturing Sovereignty

Align & Shine into your new eco system

Abundance & Light – this is your time to open your arms wide

Arise into your sovereignty

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