Women’s Wellness

Holistic care for women’s bodies, minds & hearts

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Estimated Time: 10

Difficulty: Earth Child

This is a beautiful journey to cultivate inner and outer harmony. As women not only we are pushed and pulled around by society, by expectations and by life phases, our bodies also register everything. Our minds receive so much data, our hearts try to deal with and juggle so many priorities. There comes a point in the day, the season, the cycle when you just want to press pause and realign. Filter out the unnecessary and renew.

For your inner & outer wellbeing

This course if for all women. It approaches life from a physical, energetic and spiritual level & encourages you through yoga, meditation and holistic techniques to find your personal harmony, realign hormonally and restore your batteries. The definition of Holistic is characterised by the belief that the parts of something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole. This course is a natural reference to the whole – you – in the pursuit of living even better with yourself.

Course Instructor

Charlotte Saint Jean Charlotte Saint Jean Author

“Yoga found me in London in the mid 1990s amidst a haze of career, ambition and living/working/partying hard & it was a massive door opening” Since then I have tuned into to ancestral messages & shifted my life path to include elemental and energetic connection through daily rituals.” “Le Yoga m’a trouvé à Londres dans les années 90 parmi un brouillard de carrière, ambition et vivre/travailler/faire la fête à fond c’était comme une belle porte qui s’ouvrait sur un monde de mystère et de magie. Depuis ce jour j’ai intégré les messages énergétiques et physiques dans mes rituels quotidien” Charlotte is a yoga and meditation teacher, author, founder of festivals, the online yoga site YogaChezMoi et teacher training school ShivaShakti.

Women’s Wellness

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Women’s Wellness

An online holistic programme towards more balance, shine & harmony. Yoga techniques taken from Charlotte’s methodology ShivaShakti, Yin Yoga, Hormone Yoga & Face Yoga form this rich programme for all to enjoy. To celebrate Women this month of March the programme is HALF PRICE!

Women’s Wellness – holistic healing for body, mind & spirit

Lunar Restore – Breathe, Meditate, Realign & Be

Hormonal Rebalancing – finding inner peace & hormonal harmony

Holistic Face Yoga – healing from the inside out

Rituals for daily wellness

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  1. Hi Charlotte,
    What are the dates and times for your Women’s Wellness course, which looks great?

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