Free Face Yoga techniques


This short free video to uncover a few incredible and easy techniques you can use every day for a great healthy shine on your face.

These are easily accessible to do each morning when you put on your face oil or without oil (be super light on your touch) during the day if you feel face fatigue.

There are so many natural techniques right at your finger tips to smooth wrinkles, create shine, improve the production of collagen and elastin, lymphatically drain the skin & feel healthier and more relaxed!

If you wish to find out more then enroll in this Face Yoga Programme – the path to natural rejuvenation

What Others have to say

I wanted to thank you for this lovely face yoga chapter. Thank you for your sense of humour, your magnificent energy, your authenticity & your simplicity. It has been a real pleasure to share these moments with the group in the live sessions. thank you for making the sessions affordable for all budgets. Thank you for bringing us some light into our daily life that is sometimes dark and complicated. You are a true goddess"
Florence Georges
Thank you again for these 11 days of beautiful practice of face yoga!!!! This has been a pure pleasure seeing you each day full of joy & happiness. Thanks to your great sense of humour we have created such a safe & excellent atmosphere
Anfissa Granottier